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Merits of Getting a Labrador Retriever

Whether you are alone or with your family, a Labrador is one of the best pets you can ever get. When deciding on the puppy to bring home you will have a lot of options but you will never top Labs. They are not expensive to maintain because you do not have to take them to the groomer that often. Thus, they can be said to be the most easy-going option. You will have months to save money for the grooming and also include it in your calendar which is why it won’t be a big deal. It is important for you to brush the Labrador often and also give them a bath from time to time. This isn’t too much work compared to what you will have to do if you pick another breed. They are always down to help and you will love them for this. This is why they make such great search-and-rescue dogs and also guide dogs.

In addition, you can have the Labrador as your therapy dog if it undergoes the necessary training. Given the ease of training the Labs, you should not have a problem. Also, their outstanding performance in search and rescue is due to the fact that they are eager to please. Additionally, they are highly recommended in guiding blind people. You can also train them not to play rough when they are dealing with kids. If there are young ones in the family you have a duty to ensure their safety. Labradors can grow to big dogs which is why you do not want them to hurt the kids even unintentionally. Labs are not only used in rescue missions involving humans but also animals like ducks, rabbits, and even grouse. The first instinct for a dog is to bite into flesh but it is not the case for Labs. The training process will ensure the Labs how to rescue objects and animals without biting them because they have a superior capacity to control their jaw muscles.

Additionally, they are known to be adventurous and playful in nature. You can expect them to remain friendly even if they meet strangers. Actually, when someone new comes to the group or your home they will be eager to be the first ones to welcome them. Wherever they go they always make a point to interact with others. In the event that you are having people over for a cookout or a social gathering, the Labs will keep them entertained. They are loved for their endearing nature.

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